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the #1 site for selling your diabetic test strips
Earn up to $30 per box

We at the Test Strip Buyers Group offer top payments and are staffed with friendly, professional people.  We get your extra testing strips to individuals who need them. 

There are many reasons why diabetic test strips boxes go unused. Some people change meters and have extras left over from their old meter. Others manage their diabetes and don't test as often. Sometimes family members have loved ones that had passed away leaving them with several boxes of test strips.

Whatever the reason, there are countless boxes of test strips across America sitting on shelves expiring when they can be redistributed to someone with little or no medical coverage and limited funds to purchase test strips at a retail store.

Recycling your unused, unexpired diabetic products can help you with extra cash, while helping others with the products they need.

How to Sell Your Test Strips

Local Pickup
If you live in the middle Tennessee area we can meet you. Call or Email us and we can make arrangements for pickup.

By Mail
If you are not local to Tennessee, shipping has never been easier because we do all the work for you! We will send you money for the strips and a prepaid shipping box to ship them back to us in. Unlike other sellers, We Pay Up Front For Your Strips.  No more sending your strips out first and waiting on payment to get back to you. 

Contact Us TODAY and Get Paid Fast

(931) 409-6089
Email: info@TestStripBuyersGroup.com

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